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This is Lindsay and Heather – hottest lesbians on the whole island!

Hentai Video: This is Lindsay and Heather – hottest lesbians on the whole island!

Beware of the set of lecherous pictures much more agile than you can fancy: exclusive, the most skilled and the greatest meaty fellows all in one place. Leshawna gives head and reveals her bushy cunt while ass-fucking in front of the cam! Check out the porn action provided by Total Drama!

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Total Drama Island [Drawn-Sex]: Lindsay really needs to know will McLean’s cock fit in eevery of her fuckholes…

Total Drama Island Heather HentaiTotal Drama Island Heather Hentai Continue reading

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Total Drama Gloryhole: Lindsay goes to pee and as it turns out pretty soon to suck some cock…

Sex Cartoon Videos Total Drama IslandSex Cartoon Videos Total Drama Island Continue reading

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Full Drama Scoring ample color – Bridgette, Gwen, Lindsay make fuck-a-thon fucky-fucky

Total Drama Island Hentai ComicsTotal Drama Island Hentai Comics Continue reading

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Total Drama Porn Story: Lindsay the New Futa Goddess

Total Drama Porn Story: Lindsay the New Futa Goddess

Chapter 1
Lindsay and the Statue

Lindsay was excited to arrive at the island and excited at a chance of being on TV. Lindsay was tall, with long blonde hair, large D cup breasts, and a slim perfect body. She also had an IQ that was dumber than even a slug’s, and because of this she was your stereotypical dumb blonde, all looks no brains. However that was going to change by her coming to this Island, this Island that kept a deadly and erotic secret. She was with 21 others, she being the dummy she was couldn’t keep track with all the names. The only names that stuck with her was… oddly enough… the females. Gwen, Izzy, Courtney, Leshawna, Eva, Katie, Sadie, Bridget, Heather and finally Beth. She talked with a few of these girls and quickly got to know and like them. Leshwna was a large black girl with a spunky attitude and a loud voice. Eva was a strong, silent girl who mostly was lifting a single dumb-bell. Izzy was… out there to say the least, very much out there. Beth was a friendly girl with braces and glasses who seemed to look up to the other girls. Katie and Sadie were… well BFFFL’s and they seemed rather committed to that title. Gwen was your typical goth girl, quiet, soft-spoken and generally wanted to be left alone. Courtney was a team player but also a bit of a bossy person. Heather, well… what else was there to say about Heather? That didn’t mean that Lindsay didn’t like her but due to her lacking intellect she couldn’t really see the girl as a potential enemy. Later on, Chris Maclean the host of this show, began by greeting the competitors and telling them about their time there and separated everybody into their individual teams.

“All right! We have the Killer Bass on one end and the Screaming Gopher’s on the other end now we go to our first elimination round!” This drew many confused looks from the contestants. It was then that Chris began explaining about the elimination rounds, that would take place every night and that tonight were the first night. “So since this is our first night we’ll do a by vote elimination round. You guy’s basically say the name of whoever it is you want eliminated and if that person gets enough votes it’s down to the dock of shame!” Chris said gleefully pointing to the dock where a single boat lay. Lindsay wasn’t sure what happened next. All she did know was some guy… named Ezekiel or something like that was eliminated due to a comment he had made. Then they were told to go to their cabins. Lindsay grabbed her stuff and headed off with the rest of her teammates toward the cabin. She set her stuff down next to her bed and stretched.

“Wow, to think I’m going to be on TV tomorrow I’m so excited!” Lindsay said, in fact she was so excited that she went outside to look at the night sky. She stood outside looking up at the sky. She sighed then she turned ready to head back into the cabin when she saw a strange glow, coming from a bush. Curiosity getting the better of her Lindsay walked off to find the glow. She pushed through bushes and branches eventually coming to a small clearing. She looked around awed by the sight then she the glow in the center of the clearing. She walked forward, and the glow faded revealing it to a statue, but a statue like she had never seen before. It was a large green statue roughly around the size of a Barbie doll. However the thing that made the statue strange was that even though it was shaped like a woman it had a large penis and balls dangling between the woman’s legs. Indeed the male half of the statue was so large it looked a little ridiculous. Lindsay however being the dumb blonde she was thought it was funny looking and she grabbed the statue. She held it up to the moon admiring how it looked she then heard somebody call for her. “Coming!” She shouted and she hurried back with the statue in her hand. When she got back to the cabin Gwen was standing.

“Hey where did you go? It’s dangerous out there.” Gwen said, then she stopped herself. “Not that I care or-or anything!” She said hurriedly Lindsay shrugged.

“It’s all right! Besides I found something really funny!” She said and she held up the statue to show Gwen. Gwen looked at the statue.

“What the? What the hell is it?” She asked, Lindsay shrugged.

“I dunno! But isn’t it funny?” She said smiling, Gwen shook her head.

“No to be honest it’s disturbing put it back where you found it!” Gwen said.

“Oh come on! How bad is it to have something like this?” Lindsay asked, Gwen looked at her then shrugged.

“Yeah I guess you’re right… But put it someplace where nobody else will see it okay?” Gwen said. Lindsay nodded and went with Gwen into the room thankfully everybody else was focused on something else or asleep to notice Gwen and Lindsay. Lindsay went and stuck the statue under the bed and got into her bed ready to sleep. Gwen watched Lindsay for a second then she too went to bed. As the night progressed the other’s soon fell asleep and at the height of the night the statue began to glow with it’s strange green light. The light then began to flow up and to Lindsay, as a strange mist expelled from the statue and the mist floated up and covered Lindsay’s body then it began flowing into her open mouth and into her crotch then the statue stopped glowing.

Lindsay turned and twisted in her bed… she was having a strange dream, a woman had appeared, looking very much like the statue that Lindsay had picked up. The woman was incredibly beautiful, with tanned skin, large breasts and the largest pair of cock and balls that Lindsay had ever seen the thing had to be at least 3 feet in length! And it was only flaccid! The balls looked like flesh colored boulders. The woman also had long red hair that flowed out from behind. The woman smiled, and spoke in a gentle mysterious voice. “Hello Lindsay…” Lindsay blinked at this.

“Huh? How do you? Know my name?” The woman chuckled.

“It’s best to know the name of my new vessel…” The woman said.

“Vessel? What’s that?” The woman smiled at this.

“Hmm your intelligence is a bit lacking but I’ll change that very soon… A vessel is something that carries something usually moving it from one place to another. But in your case a vessel is something that eventually becomes what it’s carrying in your case a Goddess.” Lindsay oh’d then she blinked.

“A goddess?” She asked, her information on the said word sorely lacking.

“Yes, you’re carrying me! A fertility goddess!” The woman said. She folded her arms over her sizable chest. “You will become the fertility goddess and help spread my influence throughout the island and then the world!” Lindsay listened to this a little confused.

“Um… What’s a fertility goddess.” The woman sighed then she walked up to Lindsay and grabbed her head with her giant hand. Lindsay screamed then she felt information begin rushing to her head. She felt as if her brain was going to explode from too much information then the woman released her. Lindsay shook her head her brain now sore.

“Now do you understand…” Lindsay nodded and looked up at the woman with a new found fear and respect.

“What’re gonna do to me?” She asked the woman put a finger on her chin then she smiled.

“Well first things first I’m gonna change you into a more `ideal’ body!” The woman said and with that she vanished!

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Total Drama Porn Story: Lindsay the New Futa Goddess

Total Drama Porn Story: Lindsay the New Futa Goddess

Chapter 2

Lindsay’s New Appendage!

Lindsay awoke from the dream sweat covering her body, then she looked at her body checking it to make sure it was the same. From what she could see with her clothes nothing was different. She looked at the other’s who were grumbling as they got out of bed then she got out and grabbing her case she opened it to grab her clothes and towel. She followed the others the words of the fertility goddess still ringing in her head, `Well first things first I’m gonna change you into a more `ideal body!’ Lindsay was afraid as to what these changes were gonna be and when they would happen. She really hoped she became nothing like that statue. She walked into the shower stall and took off her top draping it, then she pulled down her skirt and was about to reach for her panties when she noticed the small bulge in her panties. She paled and grabbed the elastic on the panties and stretched then she released it. A scream came to her mouth but she held her mouth shut as her brain tried to process what she had seen. Then she pulled off her panties and looked down again. Where her clit had been right above her vagina was a very small cock with equally small balls. The cock was an inch in length and the balls the size of golf balls but the sight horrified Lindsay to no end.

“Oh god! This can’t be happening to me!” Lindsay breathed, she stared at the new attachment then she gave it a poke, it bounced and filled began to pulse, Lindsay watched as the cock began to fill very slowly with blood. It grew larger and larger surpassing it’s 1 inch by a long shot. It grew till it touched her belly button, unfortunately for Lindsay she didn’t know that much about boy’s parts as to what to do about it. She stared it for a while then she tried to think of her previous dates and what they said they did when they got a hard-on. She was always curious as to a boy’s thing even though she was still a virgin herself. She remembered one saying that he masturbated or something like that, if she remembered correctly they took their thing and just stroked it till the got off. At least that’s what she thought he said, but Lindsay didn’t really want to touch this gross thing. She stared it then a voice in her head said, `Do it!’ Lindsay looked around and saw nobody. She looked at the pulsing organ and grabbed it with one hand she shuddered slightly as her she felt her senses react. She then began to pump the organ slowly at first… it felt weird then it slowly began to feel a little good. She began to pump it faster, taking care to pull all the way then all the way down. She felt her body grow hot and she began to thrust her hips forward slightly humping the air. She felt her small balls clench up then she gave a moan as her cock spurted out… something. She felt her legs stiffen then grow numb and she fell to her knee’s panting slightly at the rush she had felt just from this simple act. She sighed and stood up shakily her cock having shrunk down to it’s one inch size seemingly satisfied with the attention she had given it she never noticed her small balls growing slightly larger though. She then jumped when she heard a knock behind her.

“Hey Lindsay! You take a shower yet we gotta get to the camp site.” A voice sounding like Gwen’s said. Lindsay felt a sweat drop from her face.

“Um… I’ll be out there in a bit I uh… spilled some um… shampoo, on the floor!” Lindsay said nervously “I gotta wash it out.” She said.

“All right see you at the camp site.” Gwen said and she walked out of the shower room, Lindsay sighed then she turned on the water and began to wash the semen on the floor and what she could of her body trying her best not to reinvigorate her new attachment. She washed her body quickly and carefully and hurriedly wiped up the semen on the floor. She then shut off the water, dried herself and put on her new clothes, which were technically a clean pair of the same clothes she normally wore. However she had to be careful when she put on her panties as to not excite her new attachment. When she was clothed she walked out her mind on the Goddess’ words. She didn’t even pay attention to anything really today she did it mostly unconsciously. Luckily she didn’t have to anything strenuous today due to Ezekiel getting voted off and throwing the plans of the challenge off slightly. She mostly sat by herself thinking of her life and how messed up it was now due to a stupid statue. Then the idea came to her, what if she returned the statue? Could it remove this disgusting thing from her? She had to take that chance, and with that in mind Lindsay made plans for the night. However she was unaware of Heather sitting next to her, a malignant glint in her eye.

“Hey Lindsay, how’s it going?” Lindsay jumped slightly, as she very much on edge.

“Oh! Heather um… Hi I guess things are okay.” Heather, nodded.

“Good… Listen I’m forming an alliance with Beth and she thought you might join in too since we’ll need each other to make it through this show.” Lindsay blinked.

“What do you mean?” Heather smiled and leaned closer to Lindsay breathing into her ear.

“I mean, that when I make it to the final’s I’m taking the both of you with me… How does that sound?” Lindsay blushed at the closeness that Heather was to her body and blushed at the hot air being blown into her ear. It was slightly erotic so erotic in fact that she felt her new cock begin to stiffen slightly.

“Uuh… Sure fine! I um… gotta go to the bathroom real quick!” Lindsay said and she stood up and ran out the cafeteria and went to the bathroom shed. She opened the door to find the smelly and dirty lavatory but she had no choice she closed the door. She pulled down her skirt and panties to find her dick standing half erect. “Not again!” She moaned, and she began to jerk off her dick as fast as she could. This time it seemed that just stimulating her cock wouldn’t help. She gave a groan and her other hand searched lower below the balls and down to her wet lips which were now with her juices. She dug her fingers into her folds pushing and rubbing against the walls her cock now leaking a steady stream of pre-cum as she continued to further excite herself. Her muscles stiffened and her balls clenched up. She gave a throaty groan as she orgasmed her cock spurting cum on the wall of the lavatory her knee’s buckling slightly. However due to the enclosed space Lindsay didn’t fall to her knee’s but stood there her leg’s shaking slightly, she panted and gasped, her eye’s closed leaning against the wall. White spots, marking the wall here and there, Lindsay once again never noticed her balls once again swelling up larger than before. They were still small but they were also larger than before, however Lindsay didn’t notice as she put her panties and skirt back on and grabbing some toilet paper wiped the cum off the wall. She sighed then she stepped out of the bathroom and came face to face with a camera. She stared at it.

“What!?” She snarled and she pushed the camera away. Little did Lindsay know that this was only the beginning of her troubles…

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It is time for Lindsay to taste a real fuckpole…

Total Drama Action Sex Videos

Hentai Picture: It is time for Lindsay to taste a real fuckpole…
Current entry deals with no one else but the cutest teens from Total Drama and gets them in all kinds of raunchy deeds… Wow, this huge meaty fellow possesses enough power to get multiple orgasm to come from the depth of the spicy teacher Lindsay as he spies into her smooth slick slit! Blonde Total Drama bitch with sexy body gets gangbanged and gets her cute breasts thoroughly cum-dumped!

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Take a look at Lindsay riding ona cock… the biggest cock of her lifetime for sure!

Total Drama Island Hent

Hentai Picture: Take a look at Lindsay riding ona cock… the biggest cock of her lifetime for sure!
You may have come across average Total Drama before, you would have a tough time to get your monitor flooded with this collection of quality material at one time! Bitchy Lindsay esposes her fluffy sex-hungry twat while getting fucked in the mouth and getting pumped in the ass in cowgirl. Total Drama personages come back with detailed pictorial fuck reports that will get your prick rock hard!

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Busty doll Lindsay enjoy titjob service

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GIF Animation: Busty doll Lindsay enjoy titjob service
Unfold the slack-happiest tit and bum air-castle of the exalted Total Drama heroes and evil geniuses feasting on myall and aesthetic Bacchanalia after battles for world management… Being bored with her being a nice babe, Lindsay gets a thick wiener in her mouth after her asshole and oozes cum from her both holes. Today Total Drama whores will get confronted with the siziest and stiffest baby-makers that will pump each and every cum hole of their gorgeous bodies!

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This island seems to be dramticall full of totally huge boobs and dicks – just like Lindsay and Harold here!

Total Drama Island Hentai Comics

Hentai Picture: This island seems to be dramticall full of totally huge boobs and dicks – just like Lindsay and Harold here!
Ever dick dreaming Total Drama dirty slags have so grand-boobed and fat-assed bodies that it would be unforgivable not to exploit them! Let’s follow the lead of a nympho from Total Drama that is getting banged directly on the cobblestones when she was shopping just the other moment… Groovy Harold rides cock, gets shagged ass to mouth and takes in the mouth a messy share of sperm…

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